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Do you think Joomla!® is great, but could do with making a bit simpler to administrate, especially for non-techie admins?

JSOS offers extensions that can help you with this.

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This free child template uses the default Joomla! Atum template, but gives you more options and greater consistency.

  • Colours are more consistent throught
  • Make the colours as bright or as muted as you like
  • Set your own colours
  • Set max widths for the main body and messages
  • Set your font size from 8 to 40 px
  • Set your icon size from 5 to 30 px
  • Set your darkness of input and checkboxes borders etc. from very pale grey to black 
  • Set these border widths from 1 to 5px 
  • Set your own color to show on hover
  • And much more...

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Make the Atum template much easier to use.
See the default options