JSOS makes Joomla!® SoSimple

Payment Methods

We use PayPal and all of the payment methods availble through their service.

Am I charged Tax on my purchase?

We are based in the UK and are not VAT registered, therefore you will pay no tax.

Where can I get an Invoice or Receipt for my purchase?

Once your purchase has completed we will email a receipt with an invoice attached as a PDF. You can also view the invoice by going to your Account -> Subscriptions -> Subscription History -> click on the Invoice Number. 

How many websites or domains can I install JSOS extensions on?

You can install your JSOS extensions on as many websites or domains as you like.

What happens when the subscription ends?

When the subscription ends you will not be able to download any paid for extension nor access the support system. You will still be able to ask pre-sales, account, or data protection questions or submit a bug report.

Do the extensions stop working when the subscription ends?

No, you can continue to use any version of any extension for as long as you like, but you will lose access to upgrade and/or download of the extensions.

Does the subscription end for the free extensions?

No they will always be free and never expire.

Does the subscription automatically renew?

No, you will need to buy a new subscription when the existing one expires. You will receive a reminder via email before the subscription expires.

Is there a discount for renewels?

Yes we do offer a discount on renewals *******. 

A subscription can be renewed at the discounted price for 30 days before it expires, and 30 days after it has expired. After this period, the full price applies.

My subscription has expired. Can you send me the last version that was released during my subscription period?

No, the subscription gives you access to download the latest available versions and update the latest version via the Joomla! Updater. When your subscription expires you lose access to these downloads and updates.

Can I easily upgrade to a paid version?

Yes, simply install the paid version as usual. You will not loose any data. Remember to always backup first before doing any major changes to your site.

If I update or upgrade any JSOS extension, will I lose my data?

No, as long as you install as usual you will not loose any data. Do not uninstall your current version and remember to always backup first before doing any major changes to your site.

How can I remove the 'Powered by ...' footer?

You need to buy and install the PRO version of the extension