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Front End Edit

Tidies up the 'Edit' buttons and tooltips, and allows you to edit content using the admin template while still on the front end. The 'edit' page layouts look the same all of the time and are unaffected by the font-end template. Makes it really quick and easy to edit items without searching through the lists or rembering to refresh the page. 

  • Menu items have circular edit buttons
  • Articles and Modules have square edit buttons
  • Edit buttons can show
    • All the time
    • On hover
    • Never
  • You can click 'Edit Admin' to open the admin area in a new tab. Save and Close closes the page and goes back to the list of articles, modules or whatever it was you were editing. You then need to go to the original tab and refresh that page to see the changes.
  • You can click 'Edit Here', to stay on the same tab. Save and Close refreshes the page so you see the changes straight away. 
  • The admins must have PERMS*
  • To avoid logging in twice you can go to your Global Configuration >> Shared Sessions >> set to yes


Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free