JSOS makes Joomla!® SoSimple


  1. Follow these instructions to download and install the Free Atum Child Template
  2. Download the Atum Child Template PRO plugin
  3. install joomla extension
    In the Joomla! Administration, go to System -> Install section -> Extensions
  4. upload joomla extension
    Click the Upload Package File tab, then drag and drop your file or click on the 'Or browse for file' button and find the file you have just downloaded. The upload and installation will start automatically.
  5. plugins
     Go to System -> System -> Manage section -> Plugins
  6. enable jsos plugin
    Make sure you can see the status column. If you can't, click on the blue "7/7 Columns" button on the right and make sure it is selected.

    Type jsos into the Search Box and click on the search icon.

    Click on the cross icon to enable the plugin.
  7. You should now have the default settings for the JSOS Atum Child Template PRO plugin.
  8. update jsos plugin
    To change the plugin settings go to System -> Templates section -> Administrator Template Styles
  9. edit atum child template
    Click on "atum_child_jsos - Default"
  10. jsos layouts tab
    The PRO & JSOS Layouts tabs options are now editable.