JSOS makes Joomla!® SoSimple


  1. Download the Free Atum Child Template
  2. In the Joomla! Administration, go to System -> Install section -> Extensions
  3. Click the Upload Package File tab, then drag and drop your file or click on the 'Or browse for file' button and find the file you have just downloaded. The upload and installation will start automatically.
  4. install joomla template
    Go to System -> Template section -> Administrator Template Styles
  5. Make sure you can see the 'Default' column. Click on the blue Columns button if you cannot and make sure it is selected. Click on the circle in the "atum_child_jsos - Default" row to show as a star like in the following image.
  6. set jsos template
    Click on "atum_child_jsos - Default" to edit any of the settings. You will now have the default settings for the JSOS Atum Child Template.